My purpose isn’t to tell you what to do; it is to show you how things can be done according to my own experimentation and interpretation. 

I got into dyeing textiles with plant materials toward the end of 2021. While I don’t recall the reasoning behind this endeavor, it’s clear to me that it was related to the loss of my husband earlier that year. It became a form of horticulture-based grief therapy and provided me with a relevant creative channel to release some of the anxiety and sadness that I’ve experienced since his death.

Prior to making plant dyes, gardening and generally interacting with plants had been the norm within my family. My background in textiles had also been strong, as I was a clothing designer and seamstress for more than a decade prior to starting a family in 2013. It’s been interesting to combine both interests in this way. Conventionally dyed textiles are beautiful. At one point in life I had a huge stash and was constantly on the lookout for more. While this is true, the satisfaction that has come from learning to dye textiles myself, naturally, is unmatched.  

Doing this work has been healing for me.  I hope for you that it can be whatever you need it to be.  I hope that you infuse your imagination into these processes and discover the myriad of nuaunces that exist as you explore.  This is about your own journey through dyeing with plants.  Enjoy the process, and be mindful of the results.