Amma T. King

MA Counseling Psychology, 2023

BS Apparel Design and Merchandising, 2005



Thank you for your interest in who I am and what I do.   My name is Amma, and I am a creative, horticulture enthusiast with a myriad of interests and experiences.  As a counselor, my work considers  the ways in which we can access plants and natural environments to help facilitate a calm mind while using our hands to do work that brings us a sense of insight and clarity on the matters that constitute our day-to-day lives.  In working with others, I always strive to be generous, righteous, and helpful.  I enjoy teaching what I’ve learned during my experiements in dyeing textiles naturally with plants.

I also genuinely like talking to people and offering what I can in support of their mental wellness.  I’m a skilled active listener with considerable compassion.  My efforts are to be of assistance to others using my gifts and insights